The Amazon Fire TV Stick has possibly been the hottest device for Kodi users. Fire Sticks are simple to prepare and use strong, inexpensive, and also make Kodi installation simple. Nevertheless, in regards to Kodi, you are unlikely to receive any assistance should you experience difficulties.

And since Kodi is a totally free and open source project, the team behind the software does not possess the resources to devote to some customer support desk. Since problems can happen at one of many layers troubleshooting Kodi may be hard.

It is your choice to determine if your system, the Fire TV Stick, the Kodi program or the origin causes the matter the add-on is hoping to flow from. In this guide, we will cover some of the issues Kodi users how to repair them and experience in their Amazon Fire TV Sticks.

Also, you mind find it works on other variations although all information is for Kodi 17 Krypton. Take a look at our post, Should you use Kodi although not Fire TV.

Troubleshoot first

The initial step would be to purge and find where it is coming from. We will need to recognize the range of the issue, i.e., while it’s restricted to a particular addon, the Kodi program, the Fire TV Stick, or even your internet link.

Assess your online connection. Open the wifi menu of the Fire TV to ensure that you’re on the web. Try another streaming program like Youtube to check if the matter is limited to Kodi. Attempt streaming out of another addon. IPVanish is recommended by us. IPVanish is a VPN which can help you troubleshoot problems but may guard your Fire TV Stick along with your info from snoopers and hackers.

A VPN encrypts all of the traffic of your device and routes it. This prevents anybody else and your ISP from having the ability to discriminate against resources and apps. We advise visitors to utilize whenever a VPN Kodi is used by them. IPVanish provides stability and the speed essential to guarantee a flow.

A good deal of Kodi issues could be solved with a strategy: reinstall and uninstall. Simply reinstall and uninstall that addon with, When it. When it is a problem that is Kodi-wide, then reinstall and uninstall Kodi. Do not forget to upgrade repositories and your addons. Addon or a repo may lead to dependence mistakes and other issues. We are going to assume that you know how to set up addons and repos, however, we will explain to you how you can upgrade or eliminate them.

Option: This insect frequently takes place when the program cache is too high for Kodi to operate. When it does not work, jump down to the part and attempt taking away the database specified. Acceleration is the source of all Kodi crashes on Android. You may try turning off it to determine if the problem goes away. Next, choose Player configurations.

In the base of the webpage is just another equipment icon using the phrase”Fundamental” alongside it. Click this 3 times and”Fundamental” must become”Pro”. Emphasize the Video tab, then scroll to the bottom of the listing on the right, and then disable the Permit hardware acceleration — DXVA2 alternative. Restart Kodi.

No flow accessible Problem:

when trying to stream a movie on Kodi, you get the”no flow available” error. Option: Assuming you have gone through our cleaning measures, this problem happens when Kodi is for some reason not able to find resources from that to stream a movie.

It’s not an error. May in the query, the addon be causing the issue, yet another addon might be a variable. There’s a possibility that the repository in which you got not any more supports the addon. As a result of legal troubles, the TVAddons repository and others went offline As an instance.

Even though the repository came back, it is now, therefore, the addons you set up in the repository that is old might function. As soon as you’ve verified the issue is inside the repo and Kodi and addon are being preserved, consider upgrading also the addon, repositories, and also Kodi itself. You will want to download the most recent version and install it as you would if it had been a new install, just this time you will be given the choice to upgrade Kodi on Fire TV Stick. Be aware that if you are upgrading from Kodi 16 you will want to uninstall the older version.

Crash during playback problem:

When Kodi crashes during playback, then you might want to fix some of those advanced settings such as cache memory buffer size, CURL timeout, and buffer element.

All these are put to some universal default but may be altered manually or from one of several”wizards”. The dilemma is that men and women make it wrong and place these amounts too large for the hardware of your Fire Stick. On the flip side, acquiring these put too low can result in buffer intervals that are lengthy. There are no numbers to input here across devices that are identical. Option: We advocate using the Advanced Settings Wizard that includes Ares Wizard.

It computes the best settings to your device and will scan for. Find out more about how to perform this within our article.

Build-related problems Problem:

There is no lack of custom builds out there for Kodi, but occasionally they could have a negative effect on performance or trigger bugs when conducting Kodi on Fire TV. All builds demand more funds and many are not optimized for the restricted resources of the Fire TV Stick. Kodi assembles can comprise, Since they are vetted by experts.

Hanging on closed  downProblem:

Occasionally Kodi gets trapped when you try to shut it. You are probably going to notice this behaviour. It happens due to a failure like when updating into Kodi 17 from Kodi 16 to update a database. This may lead to a black screen on startup followed closely by the program.