Whenever we discuss entertainment one name always hits in mind and that is Kodi.  It offers numerous television shows, movies, and videos that the user can enjoy online. The best part about this open-source media Centre application is that it is compatible with almost all the devices include in the Android, iOS, desktop, laptop, Max, and others. The developers of this platform always try to enhance the streaming experience buy building the Kofi add-ons.

To make a balance between the Request loads on the servers, most of the Kodi add-ons asks the users to enter the pin or complete the pairing process.  One of the famous servers related to Kodi is vshare.eu.  With the help of this server, you can easily enjoy your favorite videos from immediate stuff and other files without having any sort of disturbance or interruption.

How to Solve Vshare.eu/pair Stream Authorization Error

Sometimes it happens that it becomes difficult for the Kodi software to handle all the traffic that is the users and due to this it becomes unable to provide the content and the media stuff properly. Due to this problem, the user feels disturbed and irritated as well.

To solve this problem, it is important to Pair https://vshare.eu/pair.  Additionally, to remove the error some methods should be followed properly.

Method to pair https://vshare.eu/pair

To pair the https://vshare.eu/pair with firestick, you are suggested to follow the below-given instructions.

  • First of all, you need to open the home screen of Kodi
  • The next step you need to follow us to connect the device with the Wi-Fi network. It is important to remember that the Wi-Fi network for both the firestick and the device must be the same
  • Now you need to open the browser. You can either go for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera browser or Safari Browser.
  • Enter the URL as https://vshare.eu/pair.
  • The next step you need to take is to Pair your IP Address with Vshare.
  • Once you pair your IP address you will see a dialogue box asking you to confirm that you are not a robot. It is the captcha code that you have to solve
  • After solving the captcha code you need to hit on the active streaming for sharing option available on the same page
  • Once you complete the above-given instructions you will successfully get paired with the https://vshare.eu/pair server.

Fix Vshare.eu/pair Using Direct Authorization:

You if you are willing to fix the Fix vshare.eu/Pair Error, then you are suggested to go through the below-given details properly.  Method to Fix Vshare.eu/pair Using Direct Authorization:

  • First of all, open the Kodi Software
  • Hit on video addon and you need to try to watch your media stuff
  • From the list of servers, you need to select “Vshare EU/pair”
  • You will get a notification stating: “To play this video Stream Authorization Required”.
  • If you want to ignore the notification then you need to open a browser in your device
  • Visit URL bar and enter “https://vshare. eu/pair”.
  • Complete the authorization and finally hit on the Activate Streaming option available there on the same page.
  • Finally, you will get a message stating: “Your IP has been authorized for four hours”.